Studio Reactor

We are a dutch digital engineering studio, transforming interesting business ideas into powerful and innovative products and services.

Digital Engineering

We have a long history and our projects are often a combination of software, data and hardware. Our approach is hands on and we use short development cycles so clients get a fast forward into the future before making expensive commitments.


Our client base is diverse. From aerospace and marketplaces to musea and broadcasting companies. We like working for all of them.


Our work is mostly "beneath the tip of the iceberg". Work you can't see and only notice when it's not there. We focus with our services on technical challanges across a broad range of areas, from strategy to scaling, from API design to user experience.


Our projects are diverse. From financial -artificial intelligence- solutions to ecological -internet of things- applications.


About our name, Studio Reactor. In the previous century our founders had a background in Chemical Engineering and created mathematical models for chemical reactions. For us, a reactor has a historical meaning and is a metaphor for the process of transformation.


We like to invest in good ideas. This can be time, know-how and money. We look for companies that have scaled their business with real customers and are looking for the next technology phase.


Studio Reactor is also co-owner of Python United. A company focused on python application development and support.


Turftorenstraat 30
9712 BR Groningen
The Netherlands